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Before we Fly

In order for your experience to be the best it can possibly be, you'll need to know how to prepare to fly with us. Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information or ask one of our staff representatives for further details and explanations.


Passengers are expected to arrive at our base 20 minutes prior to departure time.


Footwear: Our plane visits a variety of destinations and we dock on a mixture of jetties, pontoons and beaches. If you are booked on a scenic flight- which operate to and from our downtown pontoon you can wear any shoe that allows you to climb three steps. Passengers, who go to any of our fly and dine/fly and stay tours may need to remove their footwear as they transfer from float to beach. Passengers should anticipate getting wet up to their ankles in high/normal tide and up to their knees in medium/low tide. Seasonal water temperatures should be considered. Auckland Seaplanes provides towels for the use of our guests after landing at a beach an after getting back into the aircraft.

Clothing: Passengers should dress appropriately for the weather. The temperature in the plane will be similar to outside. Passengers landing on a beach are advised to wear shorts or trousers that can be rolled up easily.


Our plane has large side windows that slope out. All passengers are welcome to take videos and photos. Passengers must not rest cameras on the glass as it will distort the picture and scratch the glass.


We will carry your hand luggage free of charge and any overnight bags or larger suitcases subject to prior arrangement. If you have onward travel after your flight we will store your luggage free of charge at our office. Please note there is a luggage weight limit of 15 kg per person on board the aircraft. Luggage over 5 kg must be notified at time of booking.

Dangerous Goods

If passengers carry dangerous goods they must declare them. Many dangerous goods can be carried on board but carrying certain dangerous goods may be an offence and could result in prosecution.

Weight Restrictions

Auckland Seaplanes requires passengers to provide individual passenger weights. If an individual passenger’s weight exceeds 110 kg please inform our staff at the time of booking.


Auckland Seaplanes prides itself on being pest free. Our aircrafts are licensed by the Department of Conservation and the Auckland Council to visit pest free islands in the Hauraki Gulf. Please prepare for your trip by being alert for stowaways such as Argentine ants, plague skinks, soil, seeds, mice or rats.

Pest-free operatorPrior to departure:
Check that your bags are clean and free of stowaways and then seal them tight as soon as you have packed them. Make sure all food is packed at source and sealed in plastic pest proof containers with a lid. Ensure cardboard boxes are closed and taped – there must be no opportunity for a pest to access the box in transit. Thoroughly check any camping gear or overnight gear for stowaways. Gear that has been stored is high risk. If you have any questions about Auckland Seaplanes biosecurity please ask or visit for more information.

Should you have further questions, please ensure to read our FAQ or contact us directly.